Voices of Digital Equity Podcast

Listen to engaging discussions with experts, community leaders, advocates and residents as they unravel the complexities of bridging the digital divide in Baltimore. From tackling socio-economic barriers and digital inclusion initiatives to exploring critical resources, each episode of Voices of Digital Equity is a journey through the landscape of equity in the digital age.

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Episode 2: "Bridging the Digital Divide For All"
On this episode, we speak with April Lewis, Director of Community and Culture at Open Works Baltimore. Open Works, celebrated as a 2023 grantee of Baltimore City's Digital Equity Fund, stands at the vanguard of championing digital access. April shares enlightening insights into how Open Works Baltimore fosters a nurturing environment where technology serves as a bridge, not a barrier, to creativity.

Episode 1: "Unleashing Potential: Closing the Tech Skills Gap for Baltimore's Youth"
On this episode, we're joined by Stephanie Alphee, Co-Executive Director at Code in the Schools, Kisha Webster, Executive Director of the Greenmount West Community Center, and Colby Davis, Maryland Service Fellow and Digital Literacy Coordinator at the Greenmount West Community Center. Listen in as we explore the heart of their mission, the challenges they face, successes they've celebrated, and the vision that propels their work forward.