Inclusive Digital Transformation Strategic Plan


The 2018-2023 Inclusive Digital Transformation Strategic Plan outlines the path BCIT should take over the next five years to move Baltimore forward, ensure better customer service and improve those areas of technology that currently hinder city operations and city quality of life.

Each section not only details the current state and roadmap needed to achieve the various components but also describes the investments required to transition and transform technology and services for the City of Baltimore.

Click each tab below for a brief description of the major strategies outlined in the plan and the top goals for each.

Change the IT Culture and Improve Customer Service

alt="" Develop strategies and implement programs to create an integrated enterprise that adapts to the changing needs of its citizens and makes the city a better place to live and work.


  • One IT Enterprise – Centralize various IT operations and functions, when appropriate, to reduce cost, improve efficiency and streamline operations 
  • Human Capital  Investment – Improve training and increase IT staffing levels 
  • Governance & Administration – Establish a structure that promotes cross-agency collaboration, strategic alignment, and continuous change for IT initiatives
  • DevOps – Integrate software development to strengthen enterprise operations,  service delivery, and customer experience

Support and Secure Critical IT Operations and Infrastructure

alt=""Develop strategies and implement technology that increases the city’s ability to fully support employee and citizen's needs, improves the network's infrastructure, and expands the city’s use of modern and integrated systems.


  •  Cloud Services – Increase the use of cloud services to rapidly deploy platforms and software without the need to build physical infrastructure
  • Data Telecommunications – Increase investment in next-generation network infrastructure to connect the city with high-volume, high-velocity data communications that support demand
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modernization – Procure a modern and integrated system to streamline the complexities of the ERP landscape 

Build IT Partnerships and Increase Community Engagement Around Technology

alt=""Develop strategies and implement programs to improve the city’s physical data center infrastructure and handle enterprise needs such as data integration and analytics, IoT-Enabled Smart City, and other mayoral objectives.


  • Data and Analytics Hub– Expand the city’s capacity to combine data residing in different sources and provide users with the ability to access, use, and benefit from the data 
  • IoT-Enabled Smart City – Deploy new technology that improves the quality of life and service delivery for all city residents, businesses, and visitors
  • Baltimore Tech Center – Create a physical and virtual space for people to view and  experience immersive technology environments 
  • P3 Partnerships – Encourage stakeholders in the public, private, education, and non-profit sectors to partner with the city and leverage their technology resources for the betterment of all city residents and businesses