Smart City Committee


Across the world, technology is improving lives and bringing government and communities together. The City of Baltimore has the resources to be on the cutting edge of this "smart city" transformation and is committed to using the appropriate technology to keep our city safe, citizens engaged, the economy growing and the quality of life improving.

We are poised to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City advancements to solve social, economic, accessibility, mobility, environmental, and other city challenges.  There is a tremendous opportunity for citizens, public organizations, and private sector businesses and foundations to collaborate, cooperate and co-create innovative solutions that use smart city data to achieve sustainable outcomes.

In an effort to develop smart city ideas and as part of the newly created inclusive digital transformation strategic plan, the Baltimore City Office of Information and Technology (BCIT) has formed a smart cities committee.  This committee not only comprises employees from various city departments but also includes university, community, and technology, business partners. 

alt=""If you are interested in receiving periodic updates about the activities of the City of Baltimore's smart cities committee, please email us.