Call To Action

Implementing the roadmap outlined in the 2018-2023 Inclusive Digital Transformation Strategic Plan is going to take considerable time, effort and investment; however the City of Baltimore cannot make the necessary changes alone.  It is going to take other local governments, citizens, businesses, and private sector organizations to lean in and collaborate, cooperate and co-create innovative and equitable solutions to achieve sustainable outcomes.  

Therefore, in order to reach this plan’s implementation goals, the city is making the below calls to action:

  • Communities: Be vocal when asked how technology can improve city services,  improve public safety and quality of life and close the digital divide.
  • Philanthropists:  Engage and partner with the city to strategically address social problems, advance the collective good and identify creative ways and resources to fill the IT funding gap.
  • Universities and Colleges:  Engage and partner with the city to develop programs designed to supplement the city’s tech shortage and provide research to solve some of the city’s technology and data challenges.
  • Businesses and Non-profits: Provide knowledge, resources and expertise to help grow the city’s tech community and assist city government to better utilize technology and data for the community’s benefit. 

If you are interested in participating on the City of Baltimore's smart cities committee, please complete the electronic form.